Our kids have hours of fun on their new swing sets

No Australian backyard is complete without a swing set, and it’s a necessity if you’re not lucky enough to live nearby a playground. As soon as my boy was old enough to be playing in the backyard, I went straight down to Lifespan Kids and picked up one of their fantastic swing sets. They’ve got a huge range to suit kids of different ages – regular swings, rope swings, see-saw swings, and even slides. I got one with natural timber supports which looks great in the backyard, and I haven’t been able to drag my son off it ever since I brought it home. No complaints here, though – I’d much rather see him outdoors than inside on a computer or PlayStation.

Lifespan Kids’ swing sets are all very safe, which is equally important to me. The timber is naturally treated and finished with a water-based lacquer, and all the swings are safety certified. Furthermore, they’re UV treated and use galvanised steel so there’s no doubt your swings will be around for years to come – you can even adjust the seats as your kids get bigger. Our backyard is now the envy of the neighbourhood – I definitely recommend all parents to head down to Lifespan Kids and see what you think.

Outsource the Hassle of Lunch Catering

I hate cooking when I entertain because you never have a chance to relax and enjoy your company. When everyone leaves you spend hours cleaning up the kitchen and it’s a thoroughly unpleasant experience. A few times a year I have the whole extended family over for a meal, maybe a weekend lunch or something and mostly I deal with the inconvenience.

Last weekend I went another way and organised to head to Universal Restaurant and make the most of their free function room hire. I spoke with the friendly team over the phone and discussed menu items. They were able to cook all the family favourites and do a much better job of them than I usually do. I put a high price on stress and inconvenience and considered this a cheap alternative to the usual option.

Sound the alarm for siren shoes!

Is it time for a trip to the donation bin or just to the trash bin? Are your shoes looking worn out and a little tired, any toes poking through holes, rips in the material? Well before you resort to chewing gum heels and sticky taped buckles have a look at the siren shoes range.

If you aren’t afraid of being bold then go for the Inez heel. The nude leather siren shoes aid in comfort but the silver metallic plating on the front is like armour for your feet and more power to you! I am also obsessed with the colours in the siren shoes collection. Electric and royal blues, hot pinks and yellows, and contrasting pastels with bright neon heels! They are stocked in stores and online at www.womensshoes.net.au

Stylish Wedding Cars For Hire in Melbourne

For wedding car hire in Melbourne, there is truly no other company I could recommend that I have dealt with, that have been as friendly, helpful and efficient as the team from DR Limousines.
Not only do they provide a level of service, like no other, they also take great pride in all of their wedding limos in Melbourne. All the vehicles we saw were well maintained, well looked after and looked beautiful inside and out.
When looking for wedding cars in Melbourne, there are certainly a few companies to choose from. I certainly spent a fair bit of time researching, looking at different limos and chatting to others who had used certain companies. On your wedding day you really need on time, efficient, friendly people surrounding you to make the day that little bit easier, smother and more enjoyable!
Limousine hire in Melbourne makes the bride and grooms life that little bit easier before the big day, and for the special day – that little bit more enjoyable! Travelling in a stylish limo is a must on any very special occasion, especially for the big wedding day.

Travel in style with your bridal party and groomsmen, family and friends and give the hard work, organisation and travel worries to the friendly team from Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne. That’s what we did and it couldn’t have been easier!