No Australian backyard is complete without a swing set, and it’s a necessity if you’re not lucky enough to live nearby a playground. As soon as my boy was old enough to be playing in the backyard, I went straight down to Lifespan Kids and picked up one of their fantastic swing sets. They’ve got a huge range to suit kids of different ages – regular swings, rope swings, see-saw swings, and even slides. I got one with natural timber supports which looks great in the backyard, and I haven’t been able to drag my son off it ever since I brought it home. No complaints here, though – I’d much rather see him outdoors than inside on a computer or PlayStation.

Lifespan Kids’ swing sets are all very safe, which is equally important to me. The timber is naturally treated and finished with a water-based lacquer, and all the swings are safety certified. Furthermore, they’re UV treated and use galvanised steel so there’s no doubt your swings will be around for years to come – you can even adjust the seats as your kids get bigger. Our backyard is now the envy of the neighbourhood – I definitely recommend all parents to head down to Lifespan Kids and see what you think.

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